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Amputation & Dismemberment

Amputation is an injury that may be sustained in a serious accident. This permanent injury may impact a victim in different ways, depending on the affected part of the body. Because of the serious impact that amputation may have on a victim and his or her family, it is important that a victim of this type of injury seek legal counsel. A Riverside amputation injury lawyer at our law offices can talk to you if you need legal guidance or advice regarding this important topic. With over 35 years of legal experience and the dedication to help our clients properly address these matters and seek positive case results, we are confident that we can help you face a more secure future.

Pacific Attorney Group handles catastrophic injury claims throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas. When we take on a case involving amputation or dismemberment, we will be sure to take the time to talk to our client about his or her particular needs and concerns so we can address these as we handle the case. We have extensive resources and may work with accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, economists and professionals in other fields to conduct a complete investigation into the circumstances that caused the accident as well as the value of the claim. We can take on both personal injury and workers' compensation claims involving amputation, depending on whether the client sustained the injury at work or during the course of his or her employment.

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Not only is your initial consultation free, but when you work with a Riverside injury attorney at our law offices you pay no legal fees unless we are successful in recovering a settlement or jury award on your behalf. Contact our firm today for help with your Riverside amputation claim and see how we can help you face a brighter future.