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Accidents & Injuries Leading to Quadriplegia

A person may be left a quadriplegic after being involved in a traumatic accident that caused serious spinal cord injury. If the spinal cord is damaged or severed above the base of the neck, both arms and legs and possibly the torso will all be affected. Partial or total loss of sensation and loss of muscle control are characteristic of quadriplegia in the affected areas of the body. Would you like to talk about the circumstances that led to quadriplegia in a loved one? A Riverside injury lawyer at our law firm can meet with you at no cost or obligation to discuss this particular matter and what can be done to file an injury claim or lawsuit against the responsible party. Depending on the specific situation, you may be able to recover a significant amount of financial compensation for your case, as this is one of the most serious injuries a person may experience.

During a free case review with an attorney at our law offices, you can find out more about this situation, what services we provide and what type of settlement or award you may be looking at. We can conduct an initial review to gauge the merits of your case and can then take the appropriate action against the person or business that should be held accountable. We represent clients in catastrophic injury claims and lawsuits throughout the Riverside area.

Depending on the case, you may be able to hold a drunk driver, manufacturer of a defective product, property owner or other individual or company responsible for acting negligently or intentionally and causing injuries that led to quadriplegia. Find out more about your claim by contacting a Riverside quadriplegia attorney at Pacific Attorney Group today.